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About Us
Currently Yoga is a popular method of finess for ereryone. The director of the Julia Tung Yoga Institute is featured in a weekly Chinese talentvision morning exercise program in Vancouver, B.C. Julia Tung is the host of the program. Since 2005 until now. Everyone who is interested is encouraged and welcome to join Julia Tung in her weekly shows (Sunday & Monday mornings from 6:30 to 7:00 Am ) and follow along in her exercises.
Additionally, in 1993 Julia Tung was the host of another Chinese television show on the Fairchild channel (previously known as Cathay TV), In another Yoga program that lasted for approximately half of a decade.
 For individuals who aspire to train as professional Yoga Instructors, finding a competent and suitable teacher is important. A well-known instructor in Taiwan and in Vancouver, Julia Tung have been teaching Yoga about forty years. She has studied and trained with other renowned Yoga instructors from around the world. About three decades ago, Julia brought Yoga into the Greater Vancouver area.
Presently Julia is registered with Yoga Alliance level E-RYT500, RPYT,
 RCYT. (USA) and Canadian Yoga Alliance level CYA-RYT500+, CYA-PYT,
Her unique teaching style is coupled with her professionalism and patience in nurturing students in experiencing the benefits of Yoga, benefits that has reached many individuals. The students have been a variety of individuals
from varying ages and cultural backgrounds. Due to a great general interest in learning Yoga, Julia hopes to spread her influence and reach more individuals in discovering and enjoying the benefits of Yoga.




        修鍊瑜珈全球增溫 , 是當今最熱門的健身養生法 , 目前加拿大城市電視逢週日 ,  週一早上 6:30- 7:00  早安運動的瑜珈節目 , 由專業瑜珈名師董金帶主持, 歡迎有興趣的人士 , 準時在家中鋪上瑜珈墊或在地毯上 , 和董老師一起來動一動 , 董老師也曾經於 1993 年應新時代電視 (國泰電視) 之邀 , 主持 ( 師父過招) 的瑜珈節目 , 讓觀眾在家中收看電視, 既可學瑜珈.
學習瑜珈找專業老師很重要 , 享譽國際瑜珈電視名師董金帶 ,  十年的豐富教學經驗 ,  擁有美國瑜珈聯盟 E-RYT500 和 加拿大瑜珈聯盟 CYARYT500+ ,  全是最高級的註冊老師 , 同時也是 專業孕婦瑜珈 .  兒童瑜珈註冊老師.
多年來董老師仍然不斷地進修 , 曾和多位國際瑜珈著名大師 互相切磋,
因此董老師的瑜珈造詣更上一層  , 也是第一位華人將瑜珈帶進加拿大,
並在此萌芽壯大 ,  一提到董金帶Julia Tung 中英文名 ,  既可聯想到瑜珈老師 (Yoga Instructor).
董老師以專業 .  獨特 的教學方法 ,  耐心 . 細心 的指導 帶領學員們進入瑜珈的最佳領域 ,  受益於瑜珈人數高達數萬 ,  皆來自世界各地不同國籍的各行各業 ,  每位學員上課認真 ,  興趣盎然 , 更加強董老師致力推廣瑜珈的信心.
我們擁有專業與熱忱 , 誠心歡迎您加入 , 師資培訓和修鍊瑜珈的行列 !!. 





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